Who are the men of AA?

We are fathers, brothers, sons, doctors, and lawyers.  We serve your meal at your favorite restaurant, and we pick up your garbage on garbage day.  We are people, we are human, and we are husbands.  Speaking for myself, back in the day of being one who was married, I so vividly remember my wife telling me that I’ll never change.  That “I” didn’t have the capacity, to change.  Looking back at those words and who it came from, today, I could see her point.  I was unpredictable, unreliable, untrustworthy, simply put I was a mess.  I didn’t think I could change, but I wanted her to think I could.  So I said the words, those words she wanted to hear, and I believed them myself for awhile, and then, fell right back into the same crazy world I vowed I would never go back to.  Sound familiar?

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