Contempt prior to investigation

When I came into treatment I had my own ideas of whom an alcoholic and an addict was, and I certainly wasn’t one.  I also had my own ideas of what Alcoholics Anonymous was, and I was sure it wasn’t for me.  As I continued treatment, and started to attend AA meetings, by God’s grace, I accepted that I am an alcoholic.  I also realized AA isn’t what I thought, it’s so much more.  Before I worked the steps with a sponsor, I thought I knew what would happen.  It wasn’t until I finished my Continue reading “Contempt prior to investigation”

It’s a Living Problem

Today it’s not about the drink. It hasn’t been for awhile. It’s a living problem with a solution offered by Alcoholics Anonymous if I choose it. I’ve been sober since my first meeting of AA and have been restored to sanity by working the steps. I have in turn, shared my experience with other alcoholics to offer the hope that they too can maintain sobriety and change because of God, the steps, a sponsor and a fellowship which has grown up about me…

That’s the big picture, now sometimes its all about the daily grind, God please help me, I feel goofy, awkward, scared, restless, irritable, discontented, I don’t measure up…ad infinitum. That’s because I have alcoholism, whether I am drinking or not. Never was I promised Continue reading “It’s a Living Problem”