It’s a Living Problem

Today it’s not about the drink. It hasn’t been for awhile. It’s a living problem with a solution offered by Alcoholics Anonymous if I choose it. I’ve been sober since my first meeting of AA and have been restored to sanity by working the steps. I have in turn, shared my experience with other alcoholics to offer the hope that they too can maintain sobriety and change because of God, the steps, a sponsor and a fellowship which has grown up about me…

That’s the big picture, now sometimes its all about the daily grind, God please help me, I feel goofy, awkward, scared, restless, irritable, discontented, I don’t measure up…ad infinitum. That’s because I have alcoholism, whether I am drinking or not. Never was I promised it would all be peaches and roses all the rest of my days when I quit drinking. What I was promised is a daily reprieve based upon my spiritual condition. That holds true as well as I never have to be alone again. I can ask GOD to help and I have people who share their lives with me. I know they go through the ‘growing pains’ too. Some days the best I could do was not drink and not hurt you or myself…or just not drink anyway. The more I would say no matter what I will not drink today, the more I would look for a solution so I could feel at peace and ease to replace what drinking did for me.

Obviously it all gets better with practice, with time and being consistent, just like everything else. The more I reach out to GOD and other people the easier it gets to do it. The more I reap the rewards of working the steps and taking appropriate actions, the more I will reach for those when in need.

Don’t drink-Go to meetings-Read the Big Book-Call/Use a Sponsor-Work the steps-Get out of yourself-Pray, GOD is always the answer

It hasn’t always been easy but it really has been that simple. There are combinations that work better than others on some days and bullet points or criteria to follow the longer I stay sober, but the solution is always the same. Do I choose to use it today or use excuses as to why I can’t? I have seen too many people come in and out, die, or worse never get back and lead lonely, resentful lives, some of them not drinking at all. No thank you to any of that, I choose to take my solution today.

I wish everyone good luck with your journey… and I look forward to meeting you as we Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny! May God Bless You and Keep You until then!

Thanks, Member of Alcoholics Anonymous since ‘90

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