Parking lots.

You have to wonder if anyone appreciates parking lots as much as we alcoholics.  Of course, I’m not talking about having a parking space.  I’m talking about the way we gather outside the parking lot before and after our A. A. meetings.  In fact, one reason why I dislike winter so much, and welcome the return of warmer weather every year is because of how these seasons effect our time in the parking lot.  If it’s winter, we endure the cold and talk about missing the warm nights.  If it’s summer, then we get to linger around and move from one conversation to the other as we watch the sky grow darker and darker as the sun slips away.  I have had chats with fellow A.A.’s after a meeting that have lasted as long as the meeting itself.  Sometimes longer.

Matt told me about living on the east coast, how he ended up here and how much he likes Des Moines.  And he likes Des Moines not because we are a big tourist attraction, he likes it here because Continue reading “Parking lots.”