New Journey

Here I sit watching a silly, fun, sandlot softball game on memorial weekend.  Sitting in the grass and sun shine, wow what a change that is for this girl. Before I got to AA my life was spent in a bar.  I missed out on a lot because of my addiction.  Big stuff and the simple pleasures as well.  Here I am surrounded by genuine people who really care about one another on a different level than what they can get from each other.  In my old life when I was living in the Continue reading “New Journey”

Fourth Step Journey

I was working on my 4th step when I hit a wall concerning my willingness to put some things on paper, for fear I would have to share them in the near future with another person.  My sponsor directed me to give another alcoholic named Doug a call, and ‘O’ if that wasn’t the perfect direction.  Doug made the suggestion that I put the things I was worried about sharing on a Continue reading “Fourth Step Journey”