One Among Many

I would like to begin by thanking the program of Alcoholics Anonymous for the unforeseen gifts I have been given by this program.  The program has given me the tools needed to live a great life today.  When I got to the program all I ever wanted to be was happy.  I would have sold myself short very short if happiness was all I was after.
I was selfish and self-centered and whatever you did seemed to effect me somehow.  I was never out to see how I could help others it was always how everyone could help me or what I could get from you.  Through this program I get to see where I can add to.  What can I give instead of recieve.  When I am giving I am really the winner, it makes me feel like walking on a cloud by helping others today.  It is not only in the program but also outside the program.  Where can I be helpful?  Neighbers, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, church; the list is endless really.  When I am helping you I am at my best.Sponsorship has been a key element in my sobriety.  Her guidence has been priceless in my life.  There have been times of course like any person that I have baulked at direction but in the long run it has only affected me and of course those around me.  I have done things for my Continue reading “One Among Many”

Importance of a Home Group

I’ve found that people choose their home group by what a particular meeting gives you.  A group that you feel has something to offer.  A feeling that you can progress within that meeting and with its members.  In other words, a meeting where you already feel at home.

When you choose that meeting as your home group, you are making a commitment to Continue reading “Importance of a Home Group”

From Death to the Light of Alcoholics Anonymous

                 After a long bender of cheap rum and no food, I woke up again in the local ICU not having any recollection of the previous days leading to this except I drank because of an argument and wanted to take the pain away by having just a few drinks.  The hospital was no strange place for me; I’ve been there many times from numerous alcohol related situations.  I thought it was just another blackout where my family or friends were concerned and got me the the ER for another quick detox.  After awakening in the hospital, something was tremendously Continue reading “From Death to the Light of Alcoholics Anonymous”


  Before sobriety, my willingness to take action was almost always based on experiencing pain of some sort. This created stress in my life and everyone around me. I had no accountability, didn’t want any, and had my own agenda.

  When I came to AA, I was asked to come to meetings, get a sponsor, and keep in mind the similarities. For a short period of time I did those things partially, but, as the book says, half measures availed me nothing! Ready to jump in the middle of AA, I got super busy. Lots of meetings, regular contact with my sponsor, fellowship, service positions, and a homegroup.

  As I have gotten older Continue reading “Action”