Sobriety: A Surprising Adventure

I hadn’t been sober long, when I asked my sponsor—a woman I worked with who had just celebrated 20 years—a question that weighed heavy on my mind: What if I get bored in AA? I had tried everything else I could think of before I got here and was convinced I had nowhere else to go. Knowing my reaction to boredom—and not being able to imagine how meeting with you all to read the Big Book and the 12 & 12 several times a week and hearing about how you worked the steps over and over and over again could not EVENTUALLY get BORING—I truly feared I’d be bored before long and head out for other horizons. She suggested that if AA got boring to me, that glass of iced tea I was drinking in her kitchen would, too, and before long I’d be Continue reading “Sobriety: A Surprising Adventure”