Twelve Step Work

            Like many of the people who find their way to Alcoholics Anonymous, I was broken; beat down, dying, miserable, hopeless with only one solution to drink and only wanting not to drink anymore.  Then, after coming around a few weeks, getting a fearless and loving sponsor and giving guys rides to meetings (before we started the steps), I took advice after getting from some nice people (my best friends and roommates today). 

            One friend, Nick B., always would answer a question, no matter what it was: to be of service.  I didn’t understand that at first.  It took awhile to feel accepted or like I fit in after doing what they did, which was give rides, fellowship, shake hands, make coffee, get a home group, get a position in that home group, set up, clean up and of course, talk to the new guy.  After a while of staying busy in Alcoholics Anonymous, things got good very fast.  I started to have feelings of humility and that I have a purpose to help out wherever possible, which in turn makes me feel warm inside doing the next right thing. 

            Well, its been a great ride and I never can think of turning my back on my purpose to help other alcoholics, being maximum service to my fellows and people in general and to show gratitude for God’s grace and the gifts of sobriety.

            Today, I am sponsored, sponsor, have two positions in my home group, and am in love with the program and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Also, there are a few reasons I eagerly enjoy the twelve step.

            One, you can help and share the message from day one.  Two, actions in the program bring me closer to God and serenity.  Three, it’s a joyous pleasure. Four, sense of duty as a soldier to spread the message.  Five, repaying the debt to my sponsor for being my first trusting friend, guiding me through the steps, for the men who have shared their strength, experience and hope with me.  Six, whenever I share my experience or help another alcoholic, it insures me from the next drink. Finally, as my good friend, Bob M, told me twelfth stepping is like the good dope and I want some of that.  Grateful to be sober, of service and stepping out easy today.


Greg V.

Des Moines, IA