The Paradox Box

     Welcome to the Paradox Box.  It seems that our program is rife with paradoxes.  At a meeting in Fort Dodge I once saw a sign on the wall that went something like this:  “From weakness comes strength.  We give it away to keep it.  We suffer to get well.  We surrender to win.  We die to live.  From darkness comes light.  From dependence we found independence.”

     For me, today, the most meaningful of these is, “We surrender to win.”  This is because I always flattered myself in believing that I had so much fortitude, guts, strength and willpower that I could beat this disease by myself.  With a hangover at eight A.M. I would resolve that I was not going to the tavern that day.  But by three that afternoon I was feeling so much better that it seemed my car pulled into the parking lot by itself.  Then, “Katy bar the door!”, it would start all over again.

     It was not until I finally gave up the fight — surrendered — that I found peace.  Now, with my H.P. next to me, helping me do what I could not do by myself life is so much better.

     That’s just me.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite paradox?  Why not write it down and send it in.  You never know when we say/write something that turns out to be just the very thing someone needed to hear or read.  Ed.