☞PARTYLINE SPECIAL EDITION!☜ It’s the Second Sunday of the Month!

As almost a dozen of our loyal readers are aware, it has always been the editorial policy of The Partyline to promote participation in all aspects of our AA community.  Today we are pleased to announce a new feature of this publication.  We have been attempting to have one of our crack reporters in attendance of every monthly meeting of Intergroup!  Our efforts have paid off and we are pleased to provide our readers a copy of the Minutes of the September Intergroup meeting.  They are the most recent minutes that have been approved by motion, second and vote of the entire body of IG.

We are, in a few moments, going to press.  Since it will soon be “The 2nd Sunday of the Month” we intend to have one of our reporters present at IG in order to bring back to you the Minutes of IG’s October Meeting which we have every reason to believe will be, in a few short hours, similarly approved by motion, second and vote of the entire body .  Stay tuned…

And oh yes!… have you checked out our full-color coverage of last week’s Capital City Conference?