More on Step #6

We read from the our AA literature that all that is needed is complete willingness and complete honesty. One old timer told me once that it is much like a sculpture who chisels away from us, that which is not a part of us. Many newbies in the  program wonder aloud, what will be left of me if these traits are removed. Others are a bit more stubborn and more confrontative in thinking, “hey, this is me: love it or leave it.” Neither gets too far in keeping those thoughts alive and well.

All, that is needed is a willingness and a honesty at whatever level the person can achieve…..anything is a start.  How do we know we are ready? Well, that would have been a subject of step #1. Many times, I have referred back to step #1 when there appears to be no movement beyond step #5. There is no shame in reviewing and recommitting our prior agreements. A refresher course also helps the sponsor to ensure that no stones are left to be turned over. Here is step #6 in it’s totality:

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