Transforming into Assets

My daily reader mentioned that “as a result of working the steps, our defects will be transformed into our assets”. Today’s questions were: How are my shortcomings transformed into assets? And, can I list the assets into which HP might transform my character defects? Here is a list from AA literature that some sponsors use. I prefer one that offers a list of corresponding assets on the opposite side of the paper.

That way, people can visualize what they are shooting for. Personally, I shoot for the middle, and try my best to stay on that balance beam, or in the right lane of the road. If I stay in my lane and use the boundaries or parameters of social situations, and try to just be enough and not too much of either good or bad; the pressure is off, and the end result is no crisis or mess to cleanup. That seems to work for me. We are all just a work in progress. Easy does it, but do it.

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