How Can I Contribute?

In tradition 7 it suggests that we are self-supporting. We are asked to contribute; not to save AA or make AA richer, rather to help meetings will stay strong and stay opened for the next generations of desperate drunks who are seeking recovery. We give back freely, what we were freely given. That brings up the matter of how we can contribute when we have a limit on resources.

One thing that some of you may share in common with me is a limited financial capability. We are concerned that we cannot afford the literature, or that we do not give as much as others do.  We wonder if we are equal to others. We fear that perhaps those who contribute more should have more say so. Fear not, service is another way to contribute. We may not have a lot of cash to give, but being of service is of equal value. Someone needs to lead meetings, make coffee, set up chairs/tables, speak, help new people, etc. There is plenty of work to do. The next time you go  to your meeting, show up early and greet people, and ask what you can do for the group. Believe me, you will be freer and more equal. Be apart of not apart from.

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