Good Judgement

Good judgement comes from experience, and often experience

comes from bad judgement. ~ Rita Mae Brown

I sure wish we could live life backwards. I am pretty sure what we chose as 20 somethings is nowhere near what we would choose later in life. One sponsor told me once, “Wait 24 hours. There is a whole lot can happen in one day’s time.” I was fairly new in recovery and deep into rescuing loved ones from their own messes. I got an emergency call to come bail my sister out of jail and appear as a witness to plead her innocence. She was in her mid 40’s, and completely adult enough to stand up for herself. When I called my sponsor, she said, “Do nothing” and I was told to wait 24 hours before I returned the call.  That was on a Friday.

I cried the whole weekend. What if this and what if that plagued me. It seemed an eternity; but I did as I was told, went to meetings, shared my pain, and cried. By her court day on Monday, the decision on her case was made, she had consequences (heaven forbid!), and I was saner and healthier for not running interference. I learned that many things can happen within 24 hours. And, I learned that G.O.D. is working on others as a much as he/she is working on me. What a huge relief that I do not have to carry the whole world and it’s problems on my little shoulders. Good judgement is a direct result of hard lessons learned. Thank goodness for AA and solid sponsorship.

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