What we resist, persists. ~ Anon

Persistence used for the positive can keep us active in the program, helps us grow and learn each day, and is the only form of permanence in the universe. We alcoholics do not like change. When faced with the prospect of amending our ways and letting go of character flaws, we resist and think: what will be left of us if we change?  I offer this suggestion. Ask yourself: what is the worse possible thing that could happen? When you keep at this, you will see that the fear you are having is worse than any possible outcome of change. One gal came up with her worst case scenario, and that was to be stuck in her parents’ basement with no job or income. I suggested that at least she had parents and a roof over her head.

The universe wants what is in our best interest. I often say that HP has not dragged me this far through life to drop my on my head now. I don’t think Mother Nature stays up all night plotting how to upset anyone of us. When we use resistance on the negative side, we become stubborn and hard-headed. It seems that the whole world is run wrong, and nothing is going as we planned. We have to do a few things when faced with these feelings: Take a breath. Relax. Don’t do anything about it for 24 hours. Call someone. Write down what is the worst thing that could happen. Ask HP for direction and protection. The answers will come if your own house is in order. REMEMBER, IT IS ALL GOOD, EVEN THE BAD.

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