What is Humility?

Humility is an action, not an emotion. ~ Jan W. 

We wonder what the heck is humility. It sure isn’t humiliation; but rather an awareness that we are not the only being on this earth, that others matter, and that there is a great deal of people, places and things that we have no power over. I like to think there is a universal order of things, that each of us has an inner clock that is ticking, and there is just so much life to live. That keeps me humble and ready to embrace each moment as if it were my last one. Frankly, there is not enough time in life to get all that I want to accomplish done.

I got this from a 12 Step newsletter in St. Louis. It is one person’s thoughts on what is humility:

spirituality                                          I don’t know                  spontaneity

Curiosity                                              innocence                      openness

child-like nature                                tolerance                         patience

integrity                                               detachment                     letting go.

That is a good start. See how many more you can come up with. Have a good day. Stay cool. This too shall pass.

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