Speaking Truth

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates: at the 1st gate, ask yourself: “Is it true?” At the 2nd gate, ask “Is it necessary?” At the 3rd gate ask “Is it kind?” ~  Sufi Saying

One of my sponsors, who eventually became a good friend says all the time, “speak your truth peacefully and quietly.” I have learned from her that most people shut out the “noise” of unwanted criticism, bossiness, judgmentalism, and harshness. It is probably to self-protect. I know when someone whispers, it is harder for me to hear, so I lean in more and pay more attention. We live in a society that loves to keep us thinking we are either too much or something or not enough of another. One can hardly get through a TV show without commercials telling us our bodies stink, we need medications to cope in life, our bank account or house is too small, and our pets need medication as well.

So, today is all about speaking the truth peacefully and quietly. The AA program teaches us to be honest in all of our affairs. It does not teach us to judge, harm, criticize, or push people around. My own business ends at the tip of my nose. There on outward is the responsibility of others. Thank goodness, there is a loving a merciful G.O.D., and it isn’t me. I do not have to fix anyone else but me. What a relief that is for me today. What a blessing that no one, no thing, and no event can knock me off my serenity boat but me. What a deal we have in AA.