The Poison

Anger is like taking poison and hoping the other person will die. ~ Socrates

The key word for Step #8 is unconditional love. Most folks think the opposite of anger/hate is peace/love. Actually, the opposite is apathy and lack of compassion. I have been saying lately that we seem as a society to have lost our moral compass. When I hear people complain that so and so has more than I do, that there is not enough jobs or money to go around, that the guy next door has more possessions than we do…all I hear is fear. We are so afraid that someone is going to get more than we have or have more say so than we have, that we shut off our hearts to the compassion and concern for others that make us uniquely human. The word humane comes from human. It means:

having or showing compassion or benevolence.
“regulations ensuring the humane treatment of animals and other human beings.”
synonyms: compassionatekindconsiderateunderstandingsympathetictolerant;


We have lost our humanity along the path to materialism and self-seeking.  A spiritual awakening is needed to overcome this soul sickness and social dis – ease. I was watching World TV last night about unsafe boats bringing refuges to the safe shores in Europe. For every human trying to be a humane being, there were numerous ones trying to oust the refuges for fear that “they” would take much needed jobs, resources, and space from the citizens. Thank G.O.D., in AA we are taught that everyone is welcome, all beings are precious, and compassion and unconditional love are the order of our daily lives. What a deal we have been given here in AA.

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