Stumbling Blocks

The purpose of Step #10 is to identify and remove from our path

today’s stumbling blocks. ~ Anon

I call Step #10 my sanity step. Each day, I get a clean slate and a fresh start. I love it. I never understood, or maybe I just never wanted to understand that there was a way out of the insanity I called life. I just thought misery was what life was all about. I came by that naturally with an alcoholic father and a mom who was the uncrowned martyr mother of the year.  I don’t blame them. They did the best they could with what they had. They never had the opportunity to recover and even know this program existed. I got lucky. Some kind people (I call angels) came into my life from time to time to deliver the message of recovery. I got lucky with the wonderful sponsors I was given who directed me toward the daily exercises; that to this day I practice.  Who encouraged me to look at my part, keep my side of the street cleaned off, see the patterns, recognize and remove the stumbling blocks, and to stop living as if life is a burden to be bear.

Thank goodness and G.O.D. that I have AA. I have some solutions some of the times. Before doing a daily Step #10-11-12 daily; my life was a series of catastrophes of my own making. I would let the little stuff simmer until they were unmanageable by me, so when the big stuff happened, there I would be with boiling over emotions and feelings; and  paralyzed to do anything about it. With a daily Step #10-12, I have a solutions. I get to look at things logically, hand them over and go about my new day unburdened and unfettered by any unresolved problems. When I get stuck, I ask for guidance. It helps to filter things through my sponsor like I did today. For all of this, I will be eternally grateful. I hope you find your path leading toward a daily Step #10-12. Keep reading pages 84-88 in the Big Book daily. The solutions are at hand.


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