In Alignment

Through prayer and meditation, we align ourselves with a higher spiritual power which gives us everything we need to live to our highest potential. ~ 12 Step Literature Upon rising, I use prayer, meditation, writing and reading to put things into perspective. All people, things, institutions, and situations are within the realm of HP to… Read More In Alignment

Meditation Groups

It has been said that, “almost the only scoffers at prayer (and meditation) are those who never tried it enough.” ~ AA Literature There are two types of meditation and many ways to perform meditation. The most common form of meditation is passive. This could be Focused Attention, Open Monitoring, Effortless Presence, Zen, Visspana, Mindfulness,… Read More Meditation Groups


Hey, you do not need to be alone~ AA has a couple of T-DAY get-togethers to offer you. Suit up and show up. Just bring your appetite and good attitude.  Thursday 11/23/2017 Thanksgiving Dinner at the White House. Noon. Please bring a dessert to share. Whitehouse 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue Des Moines, IA 50316-2258