Daily Reprieve

What we have is a daily reprieve contingent on the

maintenance of our spiritual condition. ~ Pg. 85, Big Book 

I get a kick out of many folks that come and go in AA. They always say upon returning that they let up on their attendance, prayer life, and daily work that it takes to remain sober. They got cocky. They thought they had this thing licked for good. What really happeed it that the consequences for drinking abated and were no longer visible in the rear view mirror. They started feeling better, and decided that they weren’t as addicted as they had been led to believe. That is why I said before: to rush headlong into recovery and act as if they can do all the steps in one sitting is a dangerous and rash decision. When I run into people who are in a race, I tell them: “you didn’t get here yesterday. Relax. Breathe.” Recovery is a process, not a race. If you must race, then at least do a marathon; save your energies. You will need them.

So, what is a fit spiritual condition? One might wonder what on earth that means. In a nut shell: accepting life on life’s terms. I would say that this condition is fleeting even in those most dedicated and longest term AA members. Remember, we are not saints. We are imperfect humans, but we are perfectly human. Someone once told me that we are spiritual beings living in a human condition. I don’t know. The more I think and debate all this, the less likely it is that I am being spiritually fit. The good news is that no one can see within us, read our minds, or guess what we are feeling and thinking. Whether or not we are acting as if we are spiritually fit is between the AA member, his/her sponsor and a G.O.D. of their understanding. Just relax, breathe and enjoy the process.


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