Spiritual Kindergarten

It is often said that we only know what we know until we learn something better. Once we learn better, we can act better.

~ Maya Angelou

One of the assumptions running around our AA rooms is that everyone is Christian or is becoming Christian. I am here to say that that is not our goal in AA. What and who we believe or don’t believe in is an outside issue. To believe  that everyone of the alcoholics in a room are exactly like me is misconception that will keep me sick. Just because someone is following  a different spiritual path, does not make them or me lost. The only thing I can be sure of is that we are all alcoholics and we all want to be better mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, when we say Christian prayers such as the Our Father we are actually not following these 2 traditions of AA…..there can be no outside issues and we do not promote any sect, religion, or political persuasion.

In my years in AA, my concept of and relationship to a G.O.D. has grown in this way:

I was agnostic for the 17 years prior to AA and the G.O.D. word infuriated me. I was told to just use the group/AA as my HP, so G.O.D. meant = Group of Drunks. That worked and kept me sober, until I needed more. So, the sponsor at that time (some 5 years in) suggested G..O.D. could be  = Good Orderly Direction. I needed that! Things like eating breakfast, paying the rent, staying in one home for more that a year, going to bed on time, etc. were things I needed to learn. In the last 10 years or so due to age, some severe medical issues, and becoming smug in sobriety, I needed a G.O.D. = Gift of Desperation! So, that is where I have come from and where I am now. It has not been perfect. It has been a process not a race. Just do the next best thing and ask yourself from time to time: is what I am doing working for me?



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