Hand It Over

As we grow in the AA program, we learn to rely more and more on our higher power, realizing that through prayer and meditation, we will be taken care of in a way we never thought possible. ~ 12 Step Literature

The job of the sponsor is to be a loving witness and a mentor in this program. We are not there to fix the person or be a professional counselor or therapist. We are not loan officers, social workers, family therapists, or anything but loving witnesses and mentors in how to live the 12 X 12 in daily life. So, in Step #11, we need to be ardent in our work to teach our fellow alcoholics how to rely on HP, grow in a relationship with that HP, and trust HP when it comes to decision making and making choices in this life. I had one sponsor who would meet all negative things in my life with this question: “Do you have a loving and merciful HP in your life?” When I would say yes, she would then go through a litany of questions about that HP: Is HP all powerful? If HP all knowing? Do you trust HP? Blah, blah, blah….she would keep at me until I finally would relent and ask HP to lift and carry whatever burden was troubling me. This worked.

The same goes for the sponsor. You do not have to have anyone else’s answers. You do not have to be HP. You do not have to do anything but lovingly witness the other person’s process and growth. The more you hand your sponsee over to HP and let go, the more that person will grow closer and know more the HP of his/her own understanding. One guy said recently, I need not just an HP greater than myself, but an HP that is greater and bigger than alcoholism. That makes sense to me. The holidays are upon us. People will be consumed with manic consumerism, overeating, over imbibing, and over indulging on happiness (or the insane pursuit of the same). Our job is to lovingly direct the alcoholics around us to seek out HP, call before and after get-togethers, have a plan of action, go to meetings and just don’t drink. Happy holidays, but hand it over to HP.


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