Relationship with HP

If HP wanted us to be born into perfect homes with perfect parents, he could have arranged that. He trusted us to be able to learn and grow from those families that we were given in life. ~ Anonymous

I will tell you a story I heard when I first came in:

There was this guy who stumbled around AA for a long time, until he finally asked someone to help him. That sponsor suggested that he find a Higher Power greater and bigger than himself to pray to. So, the guy went out looking for a Higher Power. One day, while on a walk, he saw this great big old tree. It had great shade, hug arms, and seemed to be very old and wise. After all, had it not weathered severe weather and the ages? So, he decided that the tree was his Higher Power. He was filled with glee, as he could go out there and pray to the tree every day. He could touch and feel the tree, so he was pretty sure that his HP was real. This kept the guy sober and happy for many years. He knew that he had an HP that was sturdy, timeless, and strong enough to handle whatever problem he brought to it. Then one day, the guy came into his home meeting crying. He was inconsolable. Finally, the group asked what was wrong. All he could mutter was: “Dutch Elm’s Disease”.

Whatever your concept of HP is, is what will work for you for the time being. As you grow in the program, this concept will mature, much like any relationship. As you grow in sobriety, you will be more forgiving, less demanding, and more mature in the give and take that defines all relationships. We get back all that we give in this program. I know we could all be more serene and more sober on a mountain top or at a beach in the sunshine and away from all of life’s troubles. But, we are in the human element, trying to be spiritual in our day to day human surroundings. The best advice is I can give is to do the next best thing. Breathe. Lighten up. Don’t take things or people so seriously. Laugh. Relax. Suit up and show up for life. When you screw up, get back up. When you mess up, clean it up. Move on. If you get lost, look down at your shoes and realize that you are exactly where you need to be….in the moment. It is that simple.

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