In Alignment

Through prayer and meditation, we align ourselves with a higher spiritual power which gives us everything we need to live to our highest potential. ~ 12 Step Literature

Upon rising, I use prayer, meditation, writing and reading to put things into perspective. All people, things, institutions, and situations are within the realm of HP to handle. I just ask for direction and protection in how to do the next best thing. Simple prayers such as “thank you” and “thy will be done” help me maintain my morning mood into the day and night. My greatest spiritual potential exists in my service to others. I cannot give what I do not have. So, I try to stay in my own lane. If people come to me for solutions, somewhere in my answer will be the suggestion that they take a 24 hour pause, pray on it, and ask HP to lift and carry the problem. Their solutions do not rest in my finite self/ego/brain. Thank goodness for that!

But, rather, their solutions come in developing and maintaining a constant spiritual connection with an HP of their own understanding. Keeping this attitude makes sponsoring and working with others on a saner plane. Before I figured this out, I tried to be everything and everywhere for others. I thought I had to have all the answers for everyone all the time! I wore myself and others out in trying to be in charge. The best question anyone has ever asked me in AA was and is, “do you have a loving and merciful G.O.D.?” I now know that there is a loving and merciful G.O.D., and it is not me!! Be kind to yourself, align yourself with a power greater than yourself, and enjoy the process. It is that simple.

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