The Still Struggling

The alcoholic who still suffers is not just the newcomer, but it could be a long term member of AA who is struggling with some other kind a problem in his/her own life. ~Anon

Working with each other helps us see how much we need help too. As a long term member of AA, I can attest to this and the fact that life is not all a bed of roses. Even the most sober member can face disease, disability, age, financial crisis, loss, death of loved ones, job loss, down-sizing, housing issues, etc. Just because we are sober does not make us immune from pain. Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional. It is how we respond to pain that makes all the difference in the world. We do have choices. I know it took me a long time to learn this. But, a helpful question that one person posed to me once was, “what are your realistic options?” “Options?! You mean I have options,” I wailed. As it turned out, yes, I did have options. That made all the difference, and it still does. As humans, we have hyperopia (farsightedness). We cannot see things too close to us.

That is why HP invented sponsors and our fellow humans to help us see what we cannot see for ourselves. Other humans mirror what we put out to the world. When we come at the world as poor, me poor me, pour me another; the world responds accordingly. But, our fellow alcoholics will be kind enough to point out where we are wrong, get us off our pity pots, and encourage us to move into a saner, healthier places. Those who dare to be brave will ask us, “what are your realistic options?” And, then encourage us to grow closer to HP and into a walk of grace regardless of what we are enduring. Life is not always fair. There is no bed of roses. But, there can be grace and dignity to have as we go through the process. Reach out and ask what you can do for the person who is struggling. It may be you some day. Bank on it.


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