12 Tradition in Action

Live and let live. ~ Anon

I heard one person say: that following the traditions in her personal life, career, and at home made her recovery even more powerful than just practicing them within our fellowship. That really made me take a stronger look at how I was like the church goer who was all niceness and compassion during the church service; until they got out into the parking lot. Then the thin veil of what they just prayed on went out the window. We are reminded of how to act and react when we are in the meetings and around our fellow AA’s. So, it is easier to remember at those times to behave ourselves and act as if others matters. But a few hours later or in a different setting, our old style of anger, resentment and thoughtlessness reappear. I have been blessed with some strong women who call me out on my negatives and offer a way back to sane and healthy living. Here are a few group inventory questions that may help strengthen your own resolve and your group as a whole. Remember, it only takes one nasty rumor or fight to spoil a group’s morale.

Does our group always inform newcomers about the meaning and importance of anonymity? The phrase “remember, who you see here and what you hear here, stays here when you leave here” needs to be added to all AA meeting formats. It also helps to read a definition of anonymity at each meeting.

Are we careful to not throw around the names of other AA members, even within the fellowship? Quoting someone by name, disclosing where they work or their last names, and putting names on flyers are all ways in which we think we may be honoring someone, but indeed we are breaking their anonymity. We all have the right to our own stories and to be members among members. No one can afford to be idolized.

Do we ever repeat anything personal we have heard at meetings or from other members? When fellow AA’s are sick or going through loss, we need to ask prayers for them or ask others to call to support them. But, under no conditions are we to tell the details of their problems. That is their story and their right to tell it or not. These will be a god start. Take care. Be well and live well.

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