Our leaders have no special status in AA,

They are simply trusted servants. ~ Anon

Our trusted servants are not servile, not are they at our beck and call. I know from my many years of service, that the loudest critics never bother to offer their help or lift a hand toward service. I learned a long time ago to just ignore them. They have the right to their opinion, but criticism is not welcomed by me. This last year, I learned a new tactic from someone in a leadership role. Each time someone criticized, he would say, “I hear you are volunteering to fix the problem.” That seemed so much more effective and constructive. It certainly quelled the criticism quickly. When people say trusted servant, that means to use your discretion in doing your job and come back for any needed clarification, and if it costs money, ask for approval. Keep it simple.

Here is some more Tradition 12 things to consider: 

Why is it a good idea for me to place the common welfare of all AA members before individual welfare? What would happen to me if AA as a whole disappeared? Group consensus keeps u all on an equal plane, and strong meetings let everyone have a voice. We would all be still drunk without AA.

When I do not trust AA s current servants? Who do I wish had the authority to straighten them out? The only time I do not trust some people in service is when they do not do their job or don’t show up. I usually try to reason with them or ask them if they are having problems. I go to my sponsor for direction beyond that.

In my opinion of and remarks about other AA’s, am I implying membership requirements other than a desire to stay sober? I do not think I can cop to that. Beyond being sober; what others do or don’t do is none of my business.

Do I ever try to get a certain AA group to conform to my standards, not its own? This one I struggle with. These days, I attend healthy meetings. One meeting that I came back to a few years ago had been struggling. I did help it recover by connecting with intergroup, insisting on a monthly business meeting and a checking account. Some folks grumbled, but now they are grateful. It is never comfortable to protect our traditions, but it is always fruitful.

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