K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simply, Sweetie! 

The word resentment comes from the Latin word “sentire” which means, “to feel”, and when you put “re” in front of any word, it means “again”, so the word resent means “to feel again”. ~ Big Book Study

I remember many childhood years when Christmas was a whole lot of expectation and anticipation to the point where we could not fall asleep. As grown adults we know that expectations are planned resentments. Anticipation is another way to not be in the moment and to play the “if only” game. One guy spoke up at a recent meeting and lamented that he was expected to show up at all these holiday gatherings, but never gets a present. Isn’t that so like us!? I sure can relate. We expect to be rewarded for doing what most “normal” folks consider sociable and responsible adult behavior. Just for this holiday, let’s focus on the kids and the real meaning of Peace of Earth and good will to all beings. Let’s live simply, so that others can simply live.

Here is a simple acronym to consider attaching to your morning mirror or rear view mirror: H.A.L.T. 

H = Hungry. Keep your intake to 3 meals and a snack. Focus on whole, fresh foods. Avoid the candy, etc. It causes depression and anxiety. Eat before going to events.

A = Angry. Breathe, go for a walk, or go to another room. Ask yourself if you want to have to make amends later. Do a 10th step inventory. Ask: What is going on with me?

L + Lonely. There are many people (AA’s included) who are institutionalized, laid up (sick), or unable to get out and about. Call or visit them. Volunteer at shelters. Call someone on your amends list.  Be of service to others.

T = Tired. Pace yourself. Take a nap, go meditate, relax and enjoy the people you don’t normally see all year. May your day be merry and peaceful

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