Coming Home

All roads lead to Step $12. ~ AA Wisdom

Coming home is a hard transition for those of us who have been with family, even it it was only a few hours. I suggest you take some time to be alone with HP to reflect on what happened, what was said/done, how you are feeling about it, and what you learned We call this period “re-entry”. Many conventions and retreats offer a re-entry exercise or presentation, in order to let the participants know that they are not alone; not ever. It may feel like your family is the only one that is nuts, abnormal, or dysfunctional. Let me tell you, you were not raised in a cocoon or a vacuum. You are not unique. And, how you are feeling is completely human. Even in the best of families, there is dysfunction and craziness during the holidays. That is part of being human. The really good news is that we have HP, AA fellowship, AA meetings, and sponsors to depend on and to come home to.

AA is my new family of choice. I do have people who seem to care about me and do reach out. But, AA is my family of choice. We are all operating on a spiritual plane and working with a set of 12 steps and 12 traditions that guide for how we treat each other. Coming home to AA whether by train, car, plane or other means is a happy and joyous gift that you give yourself. It is the well-earned reward for getting through a bumpy time. I recommend random napping, calling people to see how their holidays went, getting to daily meetings, and making sure you are getting involved in service to others. Not everyone has family to visit, or perhaps they could not travel. They need to know they are thought of and cared for. This will take you out of self and make your discomfort seems trivial even for just a few hours. Welcome to AA, and welcome home.

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