Setting Objectives

Today, I spent time with a group of spiritual friends. We did vision boards out of pictures/words/phrases we found in random magazines. A vision board is a picture of what you want to focus on or bring into your life. I usually set my objectives by writing them down. A vision board is just a physical reminder of what I am focusing on this coming year. I learned long ago that swearing off or on things and having resolutions never worked for me. And, being the perfectionist, single minded, and stubborn alcoholic that I am, I would make one slip up and then completely trash it all; since I could not do it just one day or one hour. I am pretty sure most alcoholics can relate to that! So, setting up objectives and focusing on those things that I want to draw into my life seems less threatening and more attractive. After all, AA is a program of freedom and choice. It is about abundance, not deprivation.

So, set your intentions. What is it that you wish to draw into your life? What do you want to add to life to make it sweeter and worth staying sober for? I like to divide my life into 5 parts: emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and social. Find 1-2 things in each category that will enhance your life. These objectives need to be doable, measurable, and something I can report to my sponsor. I like to review every now and then to see how I am doing. If I have not acted on something, then I can see how I can make that more of a priority going forward. Set your objectives. Set your priorities. And, enjoy the process. The old saying “ask not; want not/” It applies to this perfectly. I do believe the universe wants what is best for us. It is our responsibility to identify what it is we want out of life, and then do the next best thing toward those goals.

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