Civic Duty

We are all just in spiritual kindergarten. ~ Anon

Just about the time you start to feel as if things will lighten up and the work load will lessen, along comes some civic duty. This is the 3rd time that I have been called to serve on a jury in the last 5 years. At first, I bemoaned the appearance that the system is not as random as one might believe. If it were as random as the lottery, or vice versa, I would be a rich lady. Ha ha. But, the 12 Step Program of AA teaches us that we do our part, and we work this program in all of our affairs. So, I did as I do in giving service within the AA program: I suited up and showed up. I must say that I am not one bit patient with the hurry up and wait effect that the court process seems to be bogged down in. But, I waited. And, I waited. Some 1.5 hours into the wait, they finally assembled us into 3 groups. Of course mine was the last to be called. Then we set through a 1/2 hour video orientation on how to act and not act as a juror.

All, this accumulated into the final pronouncement from the judge that the witness skipped town, and we were dismissed. Great! That was two hours I cannot get back, but I considered that that is what I would want from my fellow citizens: suit up, show up, and do their utmost to make sure I get a fair trial. We give back freely what we were freely given. Step #1 teaches us that we are powerless over people, places, and things….most everything. The difference between us and the poor chumps that never see a Big Book, is that we have options on how to respond and act upon life. We get to choose to accept life on life’s terms. Whatever comes our way, we can choose grace and dignity. We can be of service and smile while doing it. We can see the the good of the group or society as a whole is paramount over our own selfish, self-centered ways. Thank goodness for sobriety.

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