The Road

The purpose of Tradition #3 is to ensure that the road to recovery is always accessible to those who wish to travel it. ~ 12 Step Literature Anyone who wants recovery and what we have is welcome into the rooms of AA. We don’t bar anyone. If they say they are alcoholics and they want… Read More The Road

If Only

We thought that everything would be fine if only our bosses would appreciate our worth, if only our spouses would give us the attention that we needed, if only our children were well-behaved…~ 12 Step Literature When we place conditions on our trust in God, we put limitations on the extent to which we can… Read More If Only

Turn it Over

If I don’t know which way to go, I turn the problem over to HP, completely confident that the answer will come. ~ 12 Step Literature Yesterday was a prime example of this for me. Someone had emailed me with a decision-making proposal. He had researched things and had come up what he considered a… Read More Turn it Over


In Step #3, we learned faith as we made the most important decision we had ever made,  the decision to trust God – as we understand God- with our will and our lives. ~ 12 Step Literature Step #3 is just acting as if we actually believe in the God of our understanding that we… Read More Decisions

Cannot Fail

Once we alcoholics have truly taken Step #3, we cannot fail to recover. ~ 12 Step Literature There are days when we wake up in the wee hours and start ruminating over the past and present problems, trying as we might to right the wrongs and get the conversations long gone to come out right.… Read More Cannot Fail

Our Task

If we can share what we have learned, and if we can apply it to all areas of our lives; we will have indeed performed the task for which we were placed on this earth. ~ 12 Step Literature I have been thinking about prayer rituals lately. I think we all have rituals and methods… Read More Our Task