Free at Last

We are free at last. ~ 12 Step Literature As autonomous members of AA, we are free at last. We are free from the bondage to self, free from the booze, and free from the negative results that drinking once brought into our lives. As recovering alcoholics, we are also extended these freedoms: who to… Read More Free at Last


Do we let the needs of others govern us while we ignore our own? Have we tried to shift the blame onto others? ~ 12 Step Literature In Step #4 we find that we had problems in the past and are probably still struggling with setting healthy boundaries, We find that we vacillate between taking… Read More Boundaries

Into Action

If we can share what we have learned, if we can apply it to all areas of our lives, we will have indeed performed the task for which we have been placed on this earth. ~ 12 Step Literature Step #4 is the beginning of the action steps (4-9). These are actions that all successfully… Read More Into Action


This grace is sobriety and reliance on a Higher Power. This grace is the new freedom promised to all of us. ~ 12 Step Literature I could give you the dictionary definitions of grace:  Elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action. A pleasing or attractive quality or  endowment.A manifestation of favor, especially by a superior.A favor shown in granting a delay or temporary immunity. But, for the purposes of this AA blog, I will speak of grace as the spiritual, physical, and… Read More Grace

If Only

By trying to control others through manipulation and direct force, we had hurt others. When we tried to control ourselves, we wound up demoralized. Even when we succeeded, it wasn’t enough to make us happy. ~ 12 Step Literature The “If Only” game kept us drunk and sick. There was never enough love, passion, fun,… Read More If Only

Know Peace

You will never know peace until you stop expecting others to change. ~ Anon One of the hardest parts of sponsoring others is the letting go. It is said, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink it.” That stands for sponsees as well. The Big Book and 12 X… Read More Know Peace