Strength isn’t something we have. It something we find. ~ Emma Smith Ir is in our admission of powerlessness that we find strength. Initially, for most of us, it was the strength of AA’s who were recovering. That strength was in our AA numbers. We felt safe and protected from the temptations of alcohol that… Read More Strength


One big difference between AA and organized religion is that AA is a 24 hours per day program. We live it each day and every day or risk losing it all. There are no special days. We celebrate recovery each day as a whole new life to lead. We are not scared of hell, we… Read More Fellowship

Old Timers

Abilene Theory: just because Joe wants to go to Abilene, doesn’t mean we all have to go to Abilene. ~ AA Lore As you get older in this program, you start to become an old timer. I wondered for years when they would start thinking of me as one. The old timers seemed to garner… Read More Old Timers

Into Solutions

Tradition #5 reminds that us that recovery doesn’t come from simply discussing our problems with each other. It is in the AA message – in our steps and traditions – that we find solutions to our problems. ~ 12 Step Literature One of the misunderstandings that many AA’s have when they first get here is… Read More Into Solutions