Humility Defined

Humility can be defined in 12 simple words/phrase: Spirituality. I don’t know. Curiosity. Innocence. Child-like nature. Openness. Tolerance. Patience. Integrity. Detachment. Letting go. ~ St. Louis AA If you had a room full of AA’s, I guarantee you that you could get an equal number of definitions to humility. In a simple prayer it would… Read More Humility Defined

Just Ask

But no one who claims humility for himself has it. He may have had it but at the moment he claims it, it’s gone. ~ AA Grapevine, John P.L. Just ask 6 people their definition of what humility is. You will get 6 different answers. The reason is that each of these people will have… Read More Just Ask

Over Doing It

One of my often used character flaws (hey, call it what you wish) is perfectionism and when that it is coupled with a burning desire to be of service; it ends in complete exhaustion Because, as you may well know, nothing and no one who is mortal is perfect. We strive for progress not perfection.… Read More Over Doing It