Work Together

We work together, so that we can individually grow. ~ Anon Why are we here? That is the basic question that each of us needs to ask ourselves. A real honest response will sound something like this: We are here to get and stay sober, and to help the still suffering alcoholic inside and outside… Read More Work Together


If you focus on the recovery, you will lose the desire to drink, If you focus on sobriety, you will lose the recovery. ~ Anon While it is true that newcomers in AA do white knuckle sobriety initially, it is no way to live soberly for the long haul. We will never find the peace… Read More Focus

Best Intentions

My best intentions can get me into trouble. ~ Anon What is an intention; other than an unmet expectation for others. And, what can lead to the quickest resentment is an expectation that goes unmet. Having intentions is a whole lot nicer to hear than, “I am procrastinating.”. But, when I say I intend to… Read More Best Intentions

In Harmony

Living Tradition #4 is not only about living autonomously, but living in harmony with others. ~ 12 Step Literature So, for the last 5 years I have been in a wait and see pattern as the couple who is buying my house on contract were making decisions as to when and where they would finally… Read More In Harmony

Our Weeds

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a not-good-enough button. ~ Grapevine article I have heard the Step #4 inventory compared to weeding our gardens. We lop off the old dead parts of the flowers, trees. bushes. and plants in order that the healthy new growth will be healthier and more productive. Likewise,… Read More Our Weeds

Cross Talk

Cross talk during meetings means giving advice, speaking directly to a person that has already shared, and questioning or interrupting another person who is still speaking/sharing. ~ 12 Step Literature I think it is pretty human to want to respond or relate to things that hit home for us at meetings. I know I sure… Read More Cross Talk