Group Problems

Sometimes group problems become blessings as time goes by because of the wisdom gained in dealing with them. ~ 12 Step Literature

Group issues are usually a sign that the group is meeting the challenges of life. They are evidence that there is a great group diversity of opinion. Group problems give us a chance to “practice these principles in all of our affairs.” (Step #12). Regular group conscience or consensus meetings will help resolve these issues before they become big problems. Four principles seem to lead the group away from trouble and toward growth: #1) Unity of the group. #2) Harmony among the members of the group. #3) Hearing of all points of view. And, #4) Understanding that we do not use cross talk, advice giving, or feedback when others share.

I have had the opportunity over the years to experience all sorts of meetings and all sorts of ways of handling group problems. I have lived in several states and visited many more. AA is essentially the same everywhere I have gone, but each group has its own flavor. I have learned that when I am visiting, I am a guest. That means I need to treat the group meeting just as I would treat a friend’s home. Their home = their rules. Things go better when I remember to respect the process. And, it is a process, not a race. There are no winners, leaders, or losers. There is no them VS us. There are just fellow alcoholics who are trying to get along in life, stay sober, and be well. When I remember that, life gets better and better. And, my sobriety gets easier and easier. Go with the flow. Sometimes just listening is the best advice.

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