Minority Voice

AA groups are best served when they diligently listen to the minority opinion on any motion and do not make decisions on matters that pass by a narrow vote. ~ AA Literature

A close vote indicates that there is not a true consensus on a matter. The minority voice must be heard and listened to with all due respect. Groups work hard to to find a way to reconcile differing opinions. They find that their efforts are rewarded by more creative ideas than existed before. If a vote is quite close, many groups have even found it advisable not to act on that vote, but rather to appoint a small committee of supporters and critics of the new idea to try to develop consensus and to report back to the group with their joint decision. The key to finding group consensus is to always remember Tradition #5: Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic.

When we find ourselves arguing about some new idea or motion made in the group, we need to step back, count to ten, and then ask ourselves, “Why are we here?” And, “Is this going to advance our primary purpose?” Or,”How important is this really?” And most importantly, “Will the newcomer stay sober as a result of this commotion?” We have a responsibility to carry on the 12 Traditions and the AA message of recovery. If what we are arguing about is all that important, we will take the time to pray on it, hand it over to our HP, and spend time processing through our feelings with our sponsors. There are no big emergencies in AA. This program is a process, not a race. And, AA sure is not about winning or losing.

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