Growing Stronger

Just as it is healthy and needed to do a personal Step #10 regularly, the AA groups need to do the same.  ~ Anon

Is it time for a group inventory? I frankly have only seen one AA meeting that does this regularly. There are AA groups that occasionally take a “group inventory” using an entire meeting for an honest and fearless discussion of the group’s weaknesses and strengths. Materials are available online at that would be useful to the groups in order to work on a group inventory. Here are some suggested discussion topics for a 10th Step checklist that may revitalize the group’s health:

What is our group purpose?

Can our group do more to carry the message of recovery?

Are we reaching the still suffering alcoholics in our community?

What has our group done to reach out to community health professional?

Is our group attracting a good cross section of our community?

Are we maintaining any newcomers who come through our doors? If not, why?

How can our group sponsorship be strengthened?

Do we provide an attractive and clean meeting place?

I will have some more questions/topics for you tomorrow. Meantime, dare to confront your group with the concept of a group inventory. You will be amazed at the reaction.

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