12 Step Within

Groups have found that “carrying the message” is done better by pooling resources with other area groups, especially in area wide projects/events. 12 Step Literature

The formation of Intergroups usually begins by two or more groups who wish to join forces and work together to create and grow a recovery community in their area or town. Each AA group member benefits by having experienced recovering alcoholics who live at a distance come and share their stories of recovery at the local level. Corresponding with other AA groups who are more established will support the new meetings, help them set up, and to get started without making all the old mistakes. In the 21st century, we can communicate via email, text, SKYPE, etc. There are podcasts that can be downloaded to listen to and discuss in the meetings. And, in helping newer meetings, the long run meetings will be revitalized and energized with the newness of it all.

One experience I have had in an Intergroup was that we “sponsored ” new meetings. We would send out two representatives to give their stories and to bring $200.00 in literature for a starter kit. Then every 6 months or so, we would have our outreach chairperson visit the group and ask if they needed anything. The group was encouraged to participate in the Intergroup and to come to monthly Intergroup meetings. Their contact person was sent a monthly newsletter to keep them informed. After one year, the new group was asked to host an activity or recovery event in their town or area. This all helped the new groups grow and learn, and it helped the Intergroup to have one more meeting to help them grow as well. Think of 12 Step within as sponsorship of meetings.

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