When several groups exist within the same geographical area, they eventually realize there are functions they can perform better together rather than separately. ~ 12 Step Literature

Typically, Intergroups and service boards are formed simply because they are the easiest, most efficient way of getting certain AA jobs done. They provide needed services with minimum of organization. These Intergroups/service boards, composed of representatives from interested meetings, are directly responsible to those their serve. Customarily, such service agencies will develop formal bylaws and register with their state offices as a nonprofit organization with Articles of Incorporation. This will enable the service agencies to operate under the laws of their state effectively and legally.

Intergroups/service boards may manage administrative functions, such as meeting lists, hotlines, and websites, but their primary purpose remains the same as every other group or service body in AA: to carry the message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic (Tradition #5). This includes those still suffering both inside and outside of the AA rooms. Intergroups/service boards are in the unique position to help those still suffering within AA. A few representatives working together on an Intergroup/service board committee can organize recovery events, such as local banquets, retreats, speaker meetings, rallies, conventions, etc. which may draw large numbers of AA members and require careful planning and larger venues. If you have a local Intergroup/service board, consider participating. It will challenge your recovery growth and widen your recovery experiences and community.

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