Service Body Functions

In most areas, AA groups are allowed to join any AA Intergroup it chooses to belong to. ~ 12 Step Literature

Intergroups/Service Bodies often handle a number of AA related services and functions. Here are some services and functions that your group may be able to tap into:

Act as a guardian of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts of AA as outlined in the AA bylaws.

Create and maintain Intergroup/Service Body website which contains information of meeting times/locations and current events.

Maintain listings in telephone directories and internet search engines.

Handle phone calls, have an answering service, maintain a 12 Step call list, etc. to respond to newcomer inquiries.

Answer any letters and communications daily.

Sponsoring and hosting events, workshops, conferences, conventions, etc. which provide education, recovery, and information.

Publishing newsletters (blogs) and bulletins to keep membership informed of any AA events and information.

Publish an updated meeting list and distribute to AA groups. Maintain the same list electronically on the website and for distribution via email.

I will continue this tomorrow. There is a great deal of benefit to have your group belong to an Intergroup. Meantime, call your local Intergroup office and make arrangements to get involved.

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