Intergroup Services 2

Each group usually elects an Intergroup representative to represent their group. ~ 12 Step Literature 

Here are a few more services that you can expect from your local Intergroup/Service Body. Depending on the size of the Intergroup/Service Body, more services or less may be offered.

Handling public information via media, news, brochures, newsletters, websites, and furnishing AA speakers at outside events as requested (eg., treatment centers, halfway houses, etc.).

Maintaining contact with local health professionals in fields related to addiction.

Arranging a system for AA groups to obtain AA speakers to share their stories.

Helping to find sponsors for newcomers.

Maintaining a stock of AA Conference approved literature for sale.

Sending representatives to Area, District, and GSO assemblies, conferences, and conventions.

Maintaining an AA central office with regular business hours for a chance for groups and members to get local support.

Your group participation and contributions will help your Intergroup/Service Body grow and offer more services as a result. What we gives freely, we get back freely. Together, we grow and prosper in our joint recovery process.

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