Was I Crazy?

Was I crazy. I began to wonder. ~ Bill W., pg. 5. Back in Bill W.’s day, alcoholics were just tossed into sanitariums or what was referred to as “nut houses.”  In my day, state run hospitals and psychiatric units in hospitals were the preferred destinations for alcoholics. The state run hospitals were designated for… Read More Was I Crazy?


Gradually, things got worse. ~ Bill W., pg 5. That is the whole point: things just get worse, not better in active alcoholism. In Bill W.’s case his parents and in-laws came to a point through either death or aging that they could not longer take care of him or cover his debts. When our… Read More Gradually


Nevertheless, I still thought I could control the situation, and there were periods of sobriety that renewed my wife’s hope. ~ Bill W., pg 5.  That is the epitome of an alcoholic mind: to believe against all common sense that they have any control over their addiction. I hear this almost weekly at my meetings,… Read More Nevertheless


Mercifully, no one would guess that I was to have no real employment for five years, or hardly draw a sober breath. ~ Bill W., pg 4.  The original AA’s were mostly bottom of the barrel, hopeless drunks. They must have gone through hell. They had no AA to depend upon, no old timers to… Read More Mercifully