Day of Gratitude

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Note: We will resume the Big Book Study tomorrow. The following are my thoughts on ThanksLiving:

Just because you are invited to crazy town, does not mean you must go. I heard this bit of wisdom several years ago. I used to come into the holidays full of regret from past holiday blowouts, and resentment for having to attend holiday events again. I would pack up my kids and side dishes and drive over one hour in all kinds of weather to spend time with people who really did not keep in touch the rest of the year. One year, I spoke to my sponsor before I left. After listening to me go on and on about how unfair it was for me to have to do all the driving, she interrupted my rant and asked, “did you choose to go?” I had to admit that I had. She went on to say I had many choices beyond that point. I could choose: when to arrive, when to go, how long to stay, who I spoke to, who I sat next to, what I ate and drank, how much to eat, whether to participate in games or conversations, etc. In other words; I had freedoms and choices in all matters of the day.

That set me free to choose. I always thought invites were command performances. Today, I choose to not accept invites to places where I am not really wanted or welcomed. I choose to spend time with people I truly want to be with. I let go of the notion that a holiday was anything more important than any other day of the year. Today, I focus on gratitude. It is a day to celebrate the season of the harvest. That is what I celebrate. What gifts did I receive this year that cost nothing? I keep a running list of all the good things and people that have come into my life this year. Number one on this list each year is my sobriety. Because without sobriety, nothing else falls into place. May you enjoy a day of gratitude. Take care. Choose wisely. Enjoy the abundance of already having everything you need in life. You have enough and you are enough.

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