Gradually, things got worse. ~ Bill W., pg 5.

That is the whole point: things just get worse, not better in active alcoholism. In Bill W.’s case his parents and in-laws came to a point through either death or aging that they could not longer take care of him or cover his debts. When our supports are removed, our bottoms are hit faster. There was a time in my life when my father had passed away, and mom was no longer able to afford to help me out or rescue me from my own self-made way. The consequences are harder and come faster when we have no one to depend upon to make life easier. Most folks grow up, but the active alcoholic just grow older. Up until my father passed away, I just figured when things went sour, or I went belly up, I had the family farm to go to. If he would not let me stay in the house, I would just sleep in the barn. If I was not welcomed, my son could at least hang out there while I figured out my life and housing problems.

In AA, we get to learn how to grow up. We get to face the facts and our fears, and live independent of others. This is a WE program, but that does not include free housing, a free ride, or free handouts. It means we will have emotional and spiritual support while we find our land legs, and get our bearings. Last night, I gave away 5 chips for different levels of recovery. It was great to see how this AA program works in the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Gradually, recovery comes; sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. It works when we work it. This disease is progressive, but so is the recovery. We are either working toward living, or we are working on dying. AA is there if you want it.

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