I was Through

I woke up. This had to stop. I saw I could not take so much as one drink. I was through forever. ~ Bill W., pg 5.

How many times did we wake up and swear off the booze forever, and then swear onto the sobriety wagon? How many hangovers, near death experiences, brushes with the law, or threats from loved ones had to happen before we thought we must stop? How many cars did we have to crash? How many jobs were lost? How many times did our bodies scream “enough? My guess it was way too many. No earthly person, thing, or law was strong enough to force us to stop. We had the best of intentions, but our addictions ruled the day and our lives. All our best intentions were not strong enough to help us get sober. We were powerless over alcohol.

Thank goodness for AA. For most of us, this was the first time in our lives that we felt there was a solution. We felt hope. We felt that these people understood us. We no longer felt alone. We felt completely loved and accepted. No one tried to kick us out and or treat us as if we were unwanted. What on earth did these alcoholics want after all? We suspected they were a cult. We thought perhaps there was a catch to all this niceness. But, we knew that we were through with drinking. So, we had no other option than to accept what these strangers in AA had to offer. We recognized even in our foggy minds that these AA’s could help us. For the first time in our lives, we thought perhaps we too could find sobriety. All we had to do is not drink and go to AA meetings.

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