High Resolve

Where had been my high resolve? ~ Bill W., pg. 5.

We all had high resolve. We all had a lot to lose. None of us set out to disappoint loved ones. We certainly didn’t wake up one day and say, “gee, being an alcoholic sounds like a great deal. I want to be one!” No. Of course not. Being an alcoholic was not a career track for any of us. I know I was raised in an alcoholic home where it was served to even young kids at the dinner table right next to a glass of milk. It was used in the milk bottles to soothe a sick child. It was smeared on a baby’s gums to soothe the teething process. Alcohol was seen as natural a thing as the air we breathed and the water we drank from our well. There was no such thing as an “alcoholic”. Those that overdid it or could not manage life without alcohol were seen as mentally or morally weak. The concept of alcoholism as a disease was foreign language in the town I was raised in, at least back in the 50’s and 60’s.

In AA, we no longer have to depend on our own resolve to quit drinking. We have the solution in a God of our understanding; and the strength and support of millions of other recovered alcoholics to help us recover from alcoholism. What we recover is self-respect, honor, honesty, a productive life, membership in society, and a whole lot more. The only things we have to do are suit up, show up. Get to meetings, put the bottle down and pick up the Big Book. It helps to read and follow the directions in the Big Book too! Your sponsor is there to guide your study and work the steps. Resolve today to get busy on recovery.

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