The Joy of Living

I have seen hundreds of families set their feet in the path that really goes somewhere; have seen the  most impossible domestic situations righted; feuds and bitterness of all sorts wiped out. ~ Bill W., pg. 15

The disease of alcoholism is a family disease. When one parent is addicted, at least 50% of the offspring will suffer from addiction. When both parents are addicted, more than 75% of their offspring will suffer addiction. Even those who are not addicted will suffer from the alcoholic tendencies and thinking. If they themselves are not addicted, they will gravitate toward and enter into relationships with alcoholic partners. This disease numbs the minds and souls to a point where choosing healthier options is an impossibility. We only know what we know, and we only know what we have been taught. In order to do differently, we must unlearn what we have been taught. We find this in AA.

What gives me hope for the future is that there are so many young people (most are parents of little ones or have not yet become parents). These will be whole generations who will know AA from birth. They will grow up seeing mom &/or dad find recovery, change their lives, and learn to be better parents. What a great outlook for our society. Future generations will know where to go when and if they start struggling with their own addictions. They will grow up knowing there is a Solution. Doesn’t that give you chills? I love all the Alano clubs, Alanon, and Alateen family groups who are out there helping other kids and spouses of alcoholics learn that this is a family disease that they can do something  about. Their generation does not have to suffer to the extent of past generations. This is a result of The 12 AA Promises.


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